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Kayaking allows me to flourish. Every day, I discover landscapes only accessible by the river. Not to mention the glide you can have on the water, a pure treat!

Manon Hostens




7 June 1994

Kayak Wildwater and Sprint



Olympic Games

12th place K4 Road Race - Rio de Janeiro 2016

7th place K2 Road Race over 500m - Tokyo 2020

23rd place K1 Road Race over 500m - Tokyo 2020

9th place K4 Road Race over 500m (1st place in B final) - Tokyo 2020

Youth Olympic Games

8th place K4 Road Race - Singapore 2010

World's Championships

1 Individual Classic World Champion title (senior)
1 individual Sprint World Champion title (senior)

5 World Team Champion titles (senior)

1 World Champion Team title (junior)

1 title of Vice- champion of the Classic World in individual (senior)
4 individual Sprint World Vice-champion titles (2 in senio
r, 1 in U23 and 1 in junior)
3 World Team Vice-champion titles (senior)

1 bronze medal in individual (senior)
4 bronze medals per team (3 in senior and 1 in U23)

World Cup

1 gold medal at the K4 Road Running World Cup

3 silver medals at the Road Running World Cup (1 in K2, 2 in K4)

3 bronze medals at the Road Running World Cup (2 in mixed K2, 1 in K4)
1 first, 1 second and a third place at the Downhill World Cup (senior)

European Championships

5 titles of European Champion (3 in senior and 2 in junior)
1 title of European Champion Road Race K2 500 m

2 titles of Senior Vice-European Champion (1 in individual and 2 in team)

1 bronze medal in K1 Road Race over 500m

5 bronze medals (1 in senior and 4 in junior)

French Championships

26 titles of Champion of France (18 in senior and 8 in junior)

1 title of Champion of France of the regions

6 titles of Vice-champion of France (4 in senior and 1 in junior)

7 bronze medals (senior)

2 Elite bronze medals in K1D 200m and 500m



In 2000, his big brother, Quentin, get stuck to their TV screen to witness Tony Estanguet's victory at the Sydney Olympics. Two years later, in September 2002, he joined the Castelnaud-la-Chapelle canoe-kayak club and took his sister with him. Their coach, Pédro, made them discover and adore this outdoor sport.

Throughout her youth, she practiced a multitude of sports: swimming, contemporary dance, gymnastics, karate, skiing, rugby, basketball, badminton, cross, horse riding. She only practices kayaking for one hour a week, for leisure, in addition to her studies.


In spring 2007, she was selected for the first time in the Regional Team of the Challenge Jeunes Minimes in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. She then qualified for her first championships in France; she won her very first title in Classic Wildwater. At the same time, she passed the tests to enter the Pôle Espoir in Pau.

In September 2009, she joined the Périgueux club and left the family cocoon to join the Pôle Espoir. The following year will be very particular. In high school, she is selected as a team to participate in the national cross of the UNSS which takes place in Corsica. She outclasses herself in the higher category in kayak and successfully passes the freelance to be selected in the French national team, with which she will win her first international medal in Serbia. Above all, she will be the first French kayaker to participate in the summer of 2010, in the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. A beautiful experience, premonitory for the years to follow. She was just 16!

In 2011, she left Pau to join her brother at the Pôle France in Toulouse. She is selected again in the French national team for both Wildwater & Sprint Championships. She finished with two national medals and six international medals at the end of the season.

In September 2012, she moved to the senior category. In addition to her studies in the School of Physiotherapy for top athletes, she takes advantage of her free time to train intensively and wins several titles and medals. In 2014, she was selected again for the French Under-23 Team for the World Championships in the USA and for the Senior French Team for both the World's and European Championships. She won nine international medals and four medals at the French Championships.

In 2016, she decided to start freelancing in Sprint to assess again her level in this discipline and was selected for the Under-23 French team, without having competed in line for four years. She is selected for the French Wildwater Team. She successfully crosses the line and manages to select herself in the K4 Ladies for the Olympic Games in Rio. A great experience, even if the French unfortunately finished in 12th place in these Olympics.

Disappointed, for a time, by this performance, Manon comes out even stronger. Her new goal remains the Olympic Games in Tokyo and then those in Paris. More than motivated and a bit revengeful, the K4 Ladies team finished in fourth place at the following World Championships and first in a World Cup round. These results are historic in the world of French female kayaking. The Olympiad is therefore starting on solid foundations for Tokyo 2021 and Paris 2024!

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