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A Word from the President

A team effort

You will not have missed it: the world is constantly changing. It even changes very quickly, which requires perspicacity, daring and flexibility at the same time. As a local actor, we also have the responsibility to act at our level to provide solutions to current sporting, social and economic challenges.

Today, the scope of our associative mission goes beyond the simple current sporting season. For about ten years now, we have been undertaking a profound transformation of our organization and our activities to adapt to the challenges of our territory and to each person's new lifestyles. We have been opening up the practice of canoeing to people with disabilities, to residents from priority areas of the city and to schoolchildren in the surroundings. We have been diversifying the disciplines, also offering an introduction to kayak-polo and stand-up paddle. We have been sharing Manon Hostens' Olympic project since the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. We have been supporting a gradual renovation of the nautical base to offer modern and high-quality equipment to all of our members. Each year, we have been taking up the challenge of boosting the local tourist activities, by offering guided tours and rentals on the Isle river throughout the summer. We have been forging innovative partnerships with local partners, our sponsors and other associations to pool our respective expertise.

At the same time, for more than sixty years now, we have continued to advocate the values ​​of sport, to organize the practice of canoeing in all its forms, to simply share the pleasure of sailing alone or in a team, to raise awareness of protecting natural sites that surround us, to cultivate the uniqueness of our young talents and to support these high-level athletes on national and international competition venues.

This ambitious and unifying project owes its content to the combined efforts of practitioners, employees, volunteers and young people on a 'Service Civique' mission, who are fully involved in the association and who truly give meaning to our actions. Thanks to them.

Michel Cadet

President of Périgueux Canoë-Kayak

Chief Medical Officer of the French Canoe Federation




on the other, the rules of sport, of nature


pleasure of sailing,
to carry out a common action



in our voluntary actions and creating links for all, in the service of sport, health and the community


of sportsmanship and the associative spirit,
of values of openness, tolerance and solidarity


Surpassing oneself

to feel engaged, to flourish
and be fulfilled personally

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